Monday, July 6, 2009

I want these shoes

So I was going through my delicious bookmarks and came across my "wedding_shoes" tag, apparently I had bookmarked as a place to look for wedding shoes. I've been a fan of chinese laundry shoes since the day I bought from them my first black suede sandal wedges my sophomore year in high school, I don't remember to many shoes but I do remember those. When I clicked on the link it showed me a pair of shoes that I was so tempted to buy, they seemed perfect! High, satin, go around the ankle and come in 7 different colors! My fav being the red and the blue ones, but then reality set in and I did not buy them because I don't even have a color theme yet! The problem I'm having with my colors is that I love the yellow & grey weddings I've seen, but then my fav color is green, and I've liked the green weddings I've seen, but then I love red shoes & I'm thinking I want my shoes to match my color scheme, but then I think of the guy's ties or my loves tux and how those colors would go with the guys and then I give up and decide not to think about it. Also lov'n these beauties which would match everything!

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