Thursday, July 30, 2009

MOH now guest blogging!

{cousin/MOH is to the left in red & yours truly is to the right, btw she was wearing black shows and I was wearing red because even now we sometimes coordinate outfits he he}
I'm so excited to tell you all that my MOH, aka cousin, aka partner in crime is going to be guest blogging SQUEAL!!!!!! She is an extremely savy social networker. She is actually the one that first introduced me to such Internet social networking as instant messaging, email, myspace, blogging, google reader, twitter etc etc. I still remember when I was a student at UCLA and she was at Yale, she kept telling me to check my email and to get on the instant message band wagon, back then (1997) it was fairly new and email looked nothing like it does now. To this day she is the person I email the most (via google).
When I started blogging about a month ago, I did not tell anyone, not even her because I was not sure if I could do it. I'm a very private person and it's hard for me to open up, but after reading so many wedding blogs in the past 2 months, I thought I needed to do my part and contribute. I'm so glad that I did because everyone in the wedding blogosphere is so supportive and sweet. I actually almost quit 2 days into it but then I received my first comments from chicncheap, anna and the ring & The Frugal Fabulous Bride and all of a sudden I felt connected and looked forward to experiencing the wedding planning with all you in the world wide web.
But I digress as I usually do! After a month I told my cousin/MOH about my blog (she is still the only one that knows about it) and she has been so supportive! So supportive that she said she would guest blog!!! AHH!!! I love that she is going to post because it will give a unique perspective to this wedding planning, we mostly hear about the bride's side of the planning, but there is alot of planning going on with the MOH too - bachelorette parties, showers, dress shopping, keeping bride sane....
I hope you all enjoy her posts as much as I know I will!
Do you have a blog and if so do yor friends and family know about it?


  1. Yay for the MOH! What a great picture, makes me lol. =)
    Looking back I kind of wish I never shared my blog with people I knew in the 'real world'. I keep it on the dl now and don't have it up on facebook or anything.
    Keep up the great blog work!

  2. Yay! Thanks! We have a collection of bathroom photography. WW is a great photog!

  3. Umm, how cute are you!?!? No-one in the "real world" knows about me, well apart from my boy. I just wish my posts were as awesome as yours!!


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