Friday, July 17, 2009

Bridesman & girl ringbear

That's right I have a bridesMAN! I'm not the first nor will I be the last, we live in a different world now & not every one's closest friends are from the same sex. I knew right away who I wanted as my bridesmaids, I wanted them to be people that mean a lot to me, that no matter what the bond between is will stand the test of time, people that I love. Why should I restrict myself to only having females, why should not one of my best friends who I've known for the last 13 years & has always been there for me not be by my side just because he's a boy? ! Exactly. Luckily my family & my future in laws have been very supportive, & the only question they asked was who was he walking down the aisle with? I'm still not sure about that part, but I am actually thinking I may just have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk by themselves, because after all why should I couple people up & make them walk down the aisle with someone? and just in case you are wondering he is going to the bachelorette party, heck he probably is going to be telling us the best places to go.

Ring bearer, why must it be a little boy? There is nothing in the name that suggest it. Early on mi amor said that he some how wanted his 10 year old cousin to some how be part of the wedding, & we both thought it would be so perfect if she was a ring bearer. She's absolutely precious and is very excited about the wedding, she even drew me a picture of a wedding dress she designed for me!

The flower girls will be my two nieces, one who is 4 and the other who just turned 1 (but will be 2 by the time of the wedding). Both their names start with a "M" so I affectionately call them M&M.

My maid of honor is my cousin, who is 3 years younger than me. Our moms are sisters and we don't have any sisters, so we have always been very close, we even lived together for a total of 5 years after college. As kids our parents use to dress us like twins, mind you I'm 1/2 Nicaraguan 1/2 Dutch & she is 1/2 Nicaraguan & 1/2 Vietnamese so we look nothing alike, but if we are together in a group people can tell right away how close we are because we have our own language, nothing we actually made up, it's just that we understand each other so well. My other bridesmaid are my sister in law, whose the mother of M&M who I don't get to see that often but hopefully now that they've moved closer I will. Then my future sister in law, who is so awesome, she is always on it & has been so helpful in helping me in my quest for the perfect venue, and last but not least my other bf who I've known for 16 years, we became friends when I was transferred to her honors worl civ class in High School & she approached me right away & said hi, & we've been friends since.

So there you have it my bride party!

Was it easy for you to pick your bride party? Are there any nontraditional things are you doing in your wedding?

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  1. I think it is fabulous that you are asking your closest friends and family to be in your wedding party! Wedding tradition shouldn't dictate who gets the honor of fulfilling which position (at least that's what I say!) The people you have asked mean the most to you...that's what matters :)

    I had a very small wedding party: my MOH was my bff from college, and my bridesmaid was my close friend from grad school. I don't have any sisters, and the Mr. is an only child. I really didn't want to include others just for the sake of including them. It turned out great! I'm sure yours will too :)


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