Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's your DJ?! My ipod homies!

{Moby spinng at Elevate Bar in Downtown L.A, taken by moi}
Um not really...we will have a human DJ at our wedding because music is very important to us, we want to dance all night (or till 12 am when we get kicked out) and I have heard from many peeps that the DJ can make or break your reception, ergo we are hiring a DJ. That being said, I also hear that many people are using their ipods for their reception as a means of saving money. If you are going the ipod way, you may be interested in using iTunes DJ & also in allowing users to vote on songs that are coming up in your play list or request a song that they want played. The only catch is that your guests must find someone that has an iPhone with the Remote application but now a days everyone knows someone that has one so this really isn't that hard and may even get your guests to talking to people that they just met. This is a feature that needs to be activated, so if you want to use the iTunes DJ but you don't want guests to vote or requests songs then all you have to do is not activate it. Are any of you planning on using an iPod or have at least thought about it? Have you been to a reception with an iPod in lieu of a DJ?

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