Friday, July 3, 2009

Ring Bearer

I don't want my ring bearer to have the rings in a pillow because I know I would never use that pillow again and it would get dirty and I would have to throw it away. What I want is something where we can both put our rings on before we go to sleep, so we can use it not only for the wedding but every day of our lives. I don't know about you guys but I take my ring off when I shower, clean, sleep and anytime that I am worried about losing it or damaging it, so I like having a set place for the ring. Here are some of the ring bearer containers that I have been having my eye on....

How cute are these kissing love birds wedding ring bearer nest ! The one to the left is by Rainsend and the one below is by wiseimpressions

but I also like this woodgrain dish by thebrickkiln

and this woodgrain plate by raedunn

and this one by dawndalto

and this stylish ring bearer bowl by lovegrowsbygiving

and of course the ever popular palomasnest ring bearer bowl
So as you can see I have problem making decisions!


  1. The Paloma's Nest bowls are timeless. I like the details on the love grows by giving bowl too.

  2. oh so cute inspiration! i love the first one and i have a paloma's nest ring bowl for our wedding.


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