Friday, July 10, 2009

Last year I dropped my external hard drive! and even though people tell you that, it's possible to get the data, let me tell you it comes with a hefty price, a price I was not willing to pay. The only thing I had in the external hard drive were my pictures for the last 4 years, luckily I had backed them all in my flickr account. When you have a pro account ($20 a year) you can upload unlimited pictures to flickr and have the ability to download your pictures with the image quality that you initially uploaded but what flickr doesn't have is the ability to MASS download all your pictures. what the heck! They expect me to download over 2000 pictures?! INDIVIDUALLY! So for the past year I have googled on how to get all my pictures from flickr back to my new external hard drive and my MAC laptop, and finally I have found the one! Flickredit It's a free program that allows you download all your pictures from flickr and put them back in to your trusty (ha ha) computer. So at last I have all my pictures back!
By now you know my love of lists and excel, so *here* is a template of the excel list I have to keep my photos organized and make sure they are fully backed up!

Flickredit Feature List:

  • Display your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Display your Not in Set, Recent, Favorites, Contacts and Group photos
  • Search photos based on date and tag
  • Backup your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images.
  • Upload new photos to Flickr (including asynchronous upload)
  • Edit Photo and Set info, add comments to Photos and Sets
  • Rotate photos
  • Delete photos or Sets
  • View a photo or selected photos slideshow
  • Switch between multiple Flickr users

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