Friday, July 24, 2009

Reception: Dancing Wedding Party

ok I know you guys have probably seen this because it has been all over the weddingblogoshere since yesterday, but I had to post about it since it was what sealed the deal with my wedding party to make my dreams come true and dance into the reception! I first saw it on weddingbee when Mrs. Shortcake first posted about it. I had initially told my MOH & bridesman my idea of dancing into the reception after we went to see Dirty Dancing at the Pantages theatre a few months ago. As soon as I saw the video I sent it over to mi amor, MOH, bridesman and future sister in law/bridesmaid, telling asking them if they would be into dancing into the reception and all of them said YES! some even shed a few tears :-)


  1. Funny, I just saw the video this morning, so cute! If you pull off Dirty Dancing, I will be in such awe! Please do it!

  2. The Dirty Dancing is PERFECT for our generation!

  3. I can't wait to see how your version turns out!


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