Thursday, July 16, 2009

Make a wish

I get so excited when I see dandelion, the kid in me still things that whatever wish I make when I blow on it will actually come true. I *love* dandelions as you can see by the thank you cards I have, so when I saw the dandelion in the vase on as part of the 15 ways to personalize your reception, my eyes lit up! I knew I some how had to make this happen, even if it was for the rehearsal dinner and not for the reception, because who am I kidding, do I really want to stress out the night before in trying to find 100 dandelions? I think not. Although I dig the vase they show, at $10, it's not very budget friendly, so I checked out and found some other vases that would be suitable, the only problem with the first two which I like the best, is that the wind would be a problem, so #3 because the dandelion would fit completely in it would probably work the best. Do you have any suggestions?

BLOMSTER set of 3 so they come out to $1.66 each, I would go for the white one myself.

FÄRM vase $1.99 VASEN $1.49


  1. i am using the FÄRM vases for my centerpieces. the designs are so fun and we can use them in our home afterwards :)

  2. That is so great when you can use items you bought for the wedding after the wedding!


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