Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google Tool for wedding guest list

I had already created a google excel sheet for mi amor and me to enter our guest list, but I never even thought of creating a form in google docs for guests to input their own address! Thanks to Mrs. Fondue & Miss Cowboy Boot they showed me the power of the google form. It hardly took any time at all to do it & I had my cousin (aka maid of honor aka partner in crime) test it for me & she thought it was great. The google form allows you to add as many sections as you want & even lets you put a little help text below the section, so for example under "Guest Name" I put "your lovie dovie or partner in crime" and under "Name" I put "First and Last". After my cousin tested it for me and put her info I noticed she forgot the area code, so then I edited the form and put a help text for that saying "please include area code". I really like this idea, especially the comment section because it was nice when my cousin tested it and under comment she put "wub woo" and under guest she put bachelor #346, she always cracks me up. They also have different themes you can have for the background, I chose the old school looking lined paper. Check out the instuctions *here*

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