Thursday, June 25, 2009

Delicious Planning

I love to make lists and bookmark pages, so I can understand why the creators of the social bookmarking site where you can save your bookmarks, tag them & share them call it Delicious.

Now you have access to all your bookmarks at all times! Plus you can share your bookmarks, and look through bookmarks of others & the best part is you can TAG them.

When you are planning your wedding you see so many sites and can easily lose track of where you found the information, that is where Delicious comes in to help out. I use it to tag sites wedding favors, reception sites, wedding blogs, wedding dress, invites, save the dates...the list goes on and on. When I want to look at all the wedding invitations I have found across the web I just look under the tag wedding invitations and there they all are !

I use two iPhone apps to view my delicious bookmarks.
I use Red Delicious because it allows me to see all my bookmarks, search for new ones and see what the popular bookmarks are.
I use Bookmarks because in addition to it allowing me to see my bookmarks, it also allows me to have a "favorite" list and right now that favorite list includes many of the websites that I have tagged with "wedding". This one is free and the one I use most.
I use delicious for everything not just planning the wedding, I use it to keep track of things I want to buy, places I want to go, travel sites etc etc. Seriously one of the best online and FREE tools online that keeps me organized.

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