Thursday, July 9, 2009

BYO Drink Dispencers

I adore the look of the drink dispensers at outdoor wedding but until I know whether we pick a venue that allows us to byo drinks, I must walk away from these cute mason jar drink dispensers that intimate weddings blogged about and at $24.95 from Victorian Trading Company that's a great price compared to the ones I've been eying from Sur La Table that is now on sale $47.96 but keep in mind the mason jar one is only 1 gallon and the Sur La Table one is 2 gallon, so technically the Sur La Table is a better price for what you get. I would want both, the mason jar one to keep in the fridge for my crystal light & the Sur La Table for partying! The chalk board sign is sold separately for 4.96. How cool would it be to have all four of these drink dispensers at a wedding!
Mason Jar 1 gallon dispencer from Victorian Trading Company
2 gallon dispencer from Sur La Table
Glass Beverage Jar Hot or Cold Drinks

Anchor Hocking 2.5-Gallon Barrel Jar

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