Monday, July 20, 2009

Carnival Theme OOT bags

I don't know what my colors are & I have been so inspired by the wedding blogosphere that it has left me wanting so many different things. So I have decided I will try to have different themes for the rehearsal dinner, OOT bags and wedding. I know most people like when everything is cohesive, & I do think it looks so beautiful but that is not me, I've always liked so many different things which is why in my apt has different sections that way I can have everything without it looking like a swap meet. Plus I would go crazy trying to decide on one theme. Ergo I have decided to have a Mexican themed rehearsal dinner, carnival themed OOT and I still have not decided on the wedding theme. This inspiration board from Julie + Todd sums up my love for the carnival theme:

I plan on making water bottle labels, and buying these items from Hey Yo Yo on etsy to include in the OOT bags.

Get them *here*

Get them*here*

Get them *here*

So far I'm thinking of including, water bottles, aspirin, homemade cupcakes, peanuts, kettle corn and a map of L.A. What are you guys putting in your OOT bags?


  1. I'm all for doing different themes! So much more fun, especially for your guests!


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