Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't tempt me Crate N Barrel

Last night I decided that I am going on a strict budget, and then this morning Crate n Barrel notifies me via email that they are having a sale on their outlet section up to 50% off. I should have deleted the email and moved on, but nope I *had* to click on the link and check out their goods. Of course I found things I liked, like the appetizer platter, only 9.95 normally 29.95 and how awesome are the twig servers, now 14.95. The only me would justify the appetizer plate purchase and say that I'm really SAVING $20 and not SPENDING $10, but that is not going to work on me anymore, time to stay on budget!


  1. Very tempting indeed! Staying on a strict budget means you have to be a lot more create, so I am sure you will have a ton of fun. Good luck with all your wedding planning!


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