Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Faster Than a Shotgun?

One of my good friends, Lindsey and I were hanging out after work about a week ago, chatting it up about the life, relationships and the like. I had been talking to her about some of the ideas and updates for Westside Wedding when she says, "Speaking of weddings... Craisin is getting married." (Craisin is the nickname for her "crazy" cousin.) I replied with someone completely incomprehensible. She had been dating her boyfriend for less than 3 months!

I wasn't surprised though. Craisin was *very* outlandish and her boyfriend seemed to complement that outlandishless perfectly. She had also gone through a recent loss in the family and her crazy bf had stepped up to the plate. As the story goes, she had a conversation with Lindsey along the lines of "I think I'm getting married soon..."

Last night I happened to catch Craisin's facebook status update:

Praying that this is the best night of my life. Yesterday at 5:24pm

I immediately thought that they had gone and eloped. Waiting for yet another status update today... I instead got a text at 1:oopm from the bride to be stating, "We are getting married at Newport Beach Pier at 6pm. Please come if you can!" I noticed this text at 4pm and Newport Beach was 40 miles away!

The sad thing is that I was more surprised about the invite than I was about the marriage being today. Craisin's latest status on facebook states:
Nothing about me screams traditional... I was proposed to lastnight.. am engaged and I am getting married tonight at 6! Call me if you want to come to watch me get married! 9 hours ago
Although I was unfortunately not able to make it to this "faster than a shotgun" wedding I did receive a picturemail via Lindsey of the newlyweds (see above). Call me a hopeless romantic but I thought the whole thing was kind of cute... what do you guys think?

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  1. Wow, that is pretty crazy and cute at the same time.


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