Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 99 Cent Wedding

Luckiest day of the Year?

I overheard a radio interview this morning with a spokesperson from the 99 Cents Store about an interesting contest they are having to honor couples who are concerned over getting married given the current economy. They are celebrating the "Luckiest Day" (09/09/09) with giving away a 99 Cent Wedding to 9 lucky couples. (See a theme?)

The couples will get married in a 99 Cents Only store decked out with 99 Cents supplies, food and if the brides chooses a mock Chanel dress made with 99 Cents Store items... WOW!

The deadline to submit your entry is August 24th. You can call (323) 881-1247 to enter.

They do not have the giveaway mentioned on their site but here is the tweet from the 99 Cents twitter account.


  1. I dig the .99 store! so many deals!!

  2. sounds fun! now i need to hit the .99 cents store for some great finds :)

  3. Ha! How fun! I wonder what the weddings are going to look like.


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