Monday, August 31, 2009

Jeff Williams made my monograms a reality!

I have a vision of what I like but most of the time I can not explain it correctly or people just don't get me, so I did not know what to expect when my cousin/MOH told me I should contact Jeff Williams about designing the monograms for the wedding and talk to him about what ideas I had for it. You maybe asking who is Jeff Williams ? Well he is a highly versatile web and print designer based out of San Francisco! My cousin knows all the talented peeps!

I had seen a lot of monograms but they all looked the same, the only difference was who was selling the monogram. I knew I wanted something elegant but with a splash of fun and casual, but what did this mean? I did not know, but when Jeff sent me his first draft of the monograms, I was astonished, somehow he had listened to what I had wanted, and used his own artistic ability and vision to make it a reality. He had created 5 design concepts each having their own initial, seal, monogram and pattern and I love each and everyone of them. They were exactly what I had wanted smooth lines, flourishes, damask and contemporary font to keep it cool and casual. The picture I posted doesn't do it justice since it only shows you one design & I blurred out the font. You should check out Jeff Williams website yourself, and not just for monograms, this guy has some serious superpower design skills that include illustration work and typography.

I *love* what he says on his website "I create engaging, smart, and wonderful things including advertisements, billboards, brochures, dreams, websites, posters, time machines, love stories, amazing playlists in iTunes, emails, plans for world domination, storyboards, illustrations and much more" Thank you to my cousin/MOH for introducing me to Jeff!


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