Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bridal Bar with the Bridal Party

I heard about The Bridal Bar on The Wedding Planning audiocast with Ralph Mucci - when they mention they give you cocktails, as you look at a bunch of resources I was IN. I thought it would be a great thing to go to with MOH/Cousin, bridesman/BFF, and BM/FSIL so we can all hang out & do some wedding planning. It would be the first time all 3 of us would get to spend some quality time together. I wish my BM/GBFF (girl bff) & BM/SIL could go too but they both have kids and it would be a hassle to get to West Hollywood for them on a Monday by 6:30, so I will have to set up another event during the weekend so they can all meet. Before I tell you what went wrong with this event I'd like to preface it by saying that I'm a planner, I would not say I love to plan, I would say I *have* to plan, I have to research the heck out of everything so it comes as a surprise to everyone including me that I decide to check the hours of the bridal bar at 5 p.m on the day we are suppose to meet there at 6:30. Well they close at 6! gasp! It's called a BAR and people that have reviewed it talk about drinking, ergo I did not even fathom they would close early oh ya and it's in WEST HOLLYWOOD (We Ho)! So really you can't blame me for thinking they would close late. So at 5:05 I sent a text to MOH/Cousin, brides man/BBFF (boy bff), and BM/FSIL, letting them know it closes at 6 - MOH/Cousin texts back "ditching yoga, on my way now", BM/FSIL texts "will get there but maybe at 6", brides man/BFF texts "no way!" and I in my hysteria think he means no way cant make it, but really he just meant no way! so unfortunately he did not get to meet up with us due to text miscommunication on my part.
So MOH & I check out The Bridal Bar & it was cool, they were VERY helpful, gave me lots of magazines, good tips on some venues & said they could even help me more once I have my venue. These were the first wedding magazine that I had EVER looked at and now I know why lots of ladies like the wedding magazines, so many great things to look at right at your finger tips. If you live in L.A, Atlanta or San Diego then you should definitely go with your girls and check it out! Only thing that bummed us out was they did not have any cocktails but they did say that we could make a private appointment to go over stuff and drink champagne. Luckily Bridal Bar is in We Ho, so MOH and I skedaddle over to the Fiesta Cantina for 2 for 1 & FSIL ends up meeting us there. It was so great to hang out with them and discuss the wedding and just every day life, it was the firs time ever I got to hang out with FSIL without mi amor being there and I must say she rocks! We decided that we must make a point of all hanging out every few weeks until the wedding. (next time the other ladies and gentleman will join us)
It's very important to me for my bridesmaids to get to know each other, so by the time the bachelorette party & wedding roll around we will all have bonded by then :-)
Just for background sakes-
Brides man & MOH know everyone but have not spent bonding time with everyone.
BM/GBBF (girl bff), BM/SIL & FSIL/BM only knows Brides man & MOH and do not know each other. Wowzers I was hoping to clarify things but I think I may have confused you more! all your BM know each other? Do you have any plans for events so they can get to know each other?


  1. WestSide Wedding glad you listened to our show we did with Harmony from the Bridal Bar. It was on the Wedding Planning Audiocast that you heard about the Bridal Bar. Keep Listening!

    Ralph Mucci
    The Wedding Planning Audiocast

  2. That's right! thanks for reminding me, I will update the post & will post soon about all your great podcasts!


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