Monday, August 31, 2009

LA: A High Concentration of Sensitive Men

Although not directly wedding-related, I wanted to share with all you lovely ladies an interesting article I came across today in LAist."Study says LA guys (tied with SF) are most sensitive."

Not really quite sure what to think or say about those results. In talking to WestsideWedding about it, the more sensitive the guy, does that really mean the better? In my mind, it means more game playing, more cloak and dagger type of work... more egos being involved rather than being honest and as recent yoga classes have taught me "leading with your heart."

The most ironic part about the whole deal is I used to DATE the guy who wrote the article for LAist. By date, I mean we went on one date and I was so abashed by his insensitivity (taking out a 10 bucks and declaring that I put in the rest of the money, trying to wield me over to the rooftop of not so romantic bad-part-of-Hollywood apartment and me politely excusing myself abruptly during the whole debacle) that it ended right before it started.

But you can judge for yourselves on what you think about the results. Click here for the article.


  1. L.A. guys are super sensitive?! I'll remember that the next time one of them cuts me off in traffic, and then gives me the finger. I'm kidding...sorta :) Interesting post! I'll have to check out that study.

  2. I agree with you Conscepcion & Carly! I wonder what they mean by "sensitive", looking at the list it looks like they are all in big cities..L.A, NY, Boston, Chicago...maybe it means that we have a lot more metrosexuals he he

  3. Yeah! Metrosexuals - AKA WUSSIES!

  4. *Putting my photo editor cap on*
    What is up with those pictures they used??

  5. PS: They should have used your picture of Mr. James Marsden!

  6. LOL! He was the epitome of sensitive!


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