Monday, August 3, 2009

Like U2 says..."I still haven't found what I'm looking for...
I've been engaged for 4 months and I still don't have a clear sense of the vision for the wedding, nor a venue or even colors, I have not even looked at wedding dresses. I know crazy right?! but there are reasons behind my madness. I had decided that I did not want to decide on anything until I found the venue, I knew it would be difficult to find one within budget and that met all our requirements but I had no idea that it would take this long and require so much research. I have googled all possibilities, looked through every single wedding site resource available, I've even looked through L.A photographers blogs looking at weddings they have shot, in hopes that I could find one that way....oh & in regards to those photo blogs as soon as I see pictures of the bride's Manolo Blanhkik or Jimmy Choo's heels, I know where ever that couple got married at, it is not within the budget!.
Honestly I feel lost, there are so many beautiful inspirations out there and I just can't decide what I want. Unlike some brides to be out there, I never dreamed of my wedding day, heck I did not even know if I was ever going to get married, not because I don't believe in it, but because I was set on not settling, on finding the person that met all my criteria and the one that I would love and never wonder if I made the right decision in marrying them. It was because I valued marriage so much that I was willing to live a life of solitude if I did not find "the one". In fact my parents pretty much had given up on me getting married and being the only girl in a latino household, they were not very happy about having to give up on the idea but they were supportive nonetheless. But I did find the "one" :-) & now I need a venue for our nuptials!
Now going back to this whole wedding vision, I am hoping that as soon as I find this holy grail venue, that things will just come together. I hope to soon share some actual wedding projects but until then here are some wedding inspirations I have saved over the past few months...

I don't know where, but some where I *must* use this frame I have seen at many weddings, maybe in place cards or table numbers?

Although I have not looked for a dress, I know I want strapless and I may wear a flower in my hair for the reception and mi amor is thinking of wearing white tux (GRRR!)
I'm pretty sure I won't just have 2 colors, and that everything will not match exactly but that it will hopefull come together. My favorite color & mi amor's fav color is green, but I don't tend to have green things, I tend to like buying things in red, yellow, turquoise, pretty much vibrant colors. I like the way this wedding was able to mix the colors beautifully.

I now I also want my bridesmaid to wear strapless dresses and luckily my MOH/cousin and my sister in law have both expressed that they would like to wear strapless dresses, so it works out perfectly. I'm leaving the dress picking to my MOH/cousin, we have similar taste in dresses so I know whatever she picks out I will love, the only thing I am picking is the color. I'm leaning to yellow dresses but not sure how nice yellow ties will look on the groomsmen, but the other day when I was telling mi amor mi about this dilemma he said that he is sure we can find some good looking yellow ties, and him saying it makes me believe it :-). I love the way the yellow looks with the blues in this wedding. I'm also thinking I want to wear colored shoes. I *love* wearing colored shoes, in fact whenever I wear black dresses I wear either my red patent heels or my nude colored heels. But I am also open to wearing silver or gold heels, which are colors I tend to wear when I wear white.
You know writing this post has actually helped me with my vision, apparently it is coming together :-) Was it easy for you to decide on your vision for your wedding? What made you decide on your colors?


  1. whoo hoo! It's settled then! Fiancee & maid of honor are down with the yellow! YAY!!!!! Now I got at least one color...

  2. Girl, you read my post...I'm clearly not married hahaha BUT how fun is this process going to be for you! I have NO idea how I'd want anything either, I was not one of those girls who has every detail planned at 12.

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for your comment on my blog...I really appreciate your words of support-writing that was cathartic but scary, you know? I needed to get it out and the response I received has been so uplifting. I'm keeping my chin up because of people like you. So thank you, and if you ever need a listening ear, I'm your girl! XOXO, Liz

  3. Whoop!

    But I understand the problems. I know I love grey and deep purple. Then I see fabulous blogs with other combinations, ideas and delightful fripperies, my mind clouds!


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