Monday, August 10, 2009

Top 5 things I wish someone told me about The Knot

The number one website that people who were recently married told me to look at once they found out I was engaged was, So I checked it out, but the only feature that I really look are the boards, where other brides help each other out with advice. They have different forums, DIY, the dress, honeymoon, etc etc.

Tip #1: Write a post introducing yourself.
As soon as I joined, I jumped right in and started giving people feedback and advice, I only found out later that you are suppose to introduce yourself, but how the heck would I know this? well if I had been what is called a "lurker" I would have known that you are suppose to write a post introducing yourselves. Thank goodness I did not post a question asking for help, because then I would have really been screwed.

Tip #2 Do NOT write a post asking for help finding a venue and saying you are on a budget. This is a total no no.
Alot of girls actually make this mistake (thank goodness I did not) - Knotties are more than willing to help a fellow knottie out but they need as much info as you can provide them. If you need help finding a venue you MUST also include the following info: guest count, exactly what your budget is (to some low budget is 5K to others it's 20K) and what area you would like the venue to be.

Tip#3 AW is not Awe (like awe so sweet) it's Attention Whore. Knotties speak a different language.
When I would see AW: Engagement Photos, I thought aw how cute! it was not until much later I learned it was attention whore. I learned quickly that FI meant Fiancee, but other things did not come so quickly, like TIA at the end of a post, I thought their name was TIA which is odd to me because I call all my aunts Tia. I finally found a link that explains all the lingo *here*

Tip#4 How to add a wedding tickler or picture to your signature.
Most people have their wedding tickler as their signature, that way you know how long till they are getting married and some who choose not to remain anonymous post a picture of them and their FI. Find out how to do it *here*

Tip#5 Join your local board for help with venues, vendors etc. Look at the other boards and decide which one you think maybe more helpful for you.
I only looked on the L.A. Board but recently found the April 2010 boards and I love it because everyone is on a similar schedule. On the L.A board I was getting depressed and feeling so behind with everyone talking about how many things that they have accomplished, when one day one of the L.A knotties told me about the month board. I felt so much better when I joined that board, although the feeling of not being behind lasted a week, because since then many of the April Brides already had their dresses! and I on the other hand need to lose 10 pounds so there is not way I'm stepping into some wedding dress and the only thing I have really accomplished is buying one candy jar for the candy buffet.

Are you guys on theknot? What do you find most helpful about it?


  1. I find the guest list feature very helpful and I love looking at the reception photos, hair photos, bouquet photos - gives great ideas! :)

    LOL - AW.......... :P

  2. Oh dear lord. I had no idea there was all this lingo on the Knot. I would 'fail' for sure. I'm glad you were able to navigate your way through the boards! Out of curiosity, did you find the the knot culture discouraging when you first visiting? Like you were on the 'outside'?

  3. @LLD I will have to check out those sections on reception, hair and bouquet photos! great tip!
    @The Professional Bridesmaid- Yes, when I first joined it did feel discouraging especially since I did not do an introduction, but when I joined the month forum and did an intro then people were very welcoming. At times I do find it discouraging because some people are quick to judge or snap at others so I have never created a post asking for help and instead just look at posts and try to find the info myself.


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