Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Wedding Purchase YAY!

As you know by now, I would like a candy buffet at the wedding, and I was at Marshalls the other day and they had some items on clearance, including my new jar for the candy buffet! Only $5.50! score! (it's the big one in the picture) They had some other great ones for $9.99 but I decided to hold off on getting them because I need to make a list of how many I want and what sizes. When I got back home I realized that I already had some jars that I may be able to use (see picture) I may not use all the ones from home because I need some big ones, but I will definitely use the ones that right now house my big marshmallows and little marshmallows (I was on a hot chocolate kick a few weeks ago).

Marshalls had some other wedding related items, like 50 favors boxes for $7.99, sign for Bride & Groom $5.99, 12 wine bottle labels for table numbers $2.99, place cards and a cute jar that says "Wedding Fund" $3.99 - this is a great price, since I have one that I bought in college that says "Hopes n Dreams" and it cost me around $15. I almost bought the wine bottle labels but I decided not to since I am not still sure exactly what I want, so did not want to spend money and end up not using it.

While at Smart n Final, I noticed they had Chinese take out pint size $4.99 for 50 and the quart size for $6.99, I may use the pint size for the candy buffet and maybe add labels to it. I know a lot of brides love to use Mason Jars and Smart n Final seems to have a good price for them:12 wide mouth $10.79 and 12 regular mouth $9.99.

What was your first wedding related purchase?



  2. Hmmmm, I think our wedding bands were our first purchase :)

  3. The wedding fund jar is so awesome....I need one that says 'Louboutin Fund'...lol


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