Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save the Date!

The first thing people ask when you tell them that you are engaged is have you set a date? Now that I think about it, I think it's one of the first things we asked each other after being engaged for an went something like this...
Him: Do you know when you want to get married?"
Me: No, do you?
Him: No.
Me: Do you know where you want to go on the honeymoon?
Him: Europe!
Me: ME TOO!!

But after being engaged for a week (we got engaged March 28, 2009) and getting asked the same question we decided to print out a calender (April 2009-April 2010) and go through each month crossing Saturdays off for various reasons, b-days, holidays, too early (3 months). First we decided 2-20-2010, actually I think it was my brides man who told us this date, we thought it sounded cool, but then some people said it was too close to Valentine's day, so then we came up with 4-10-2010, just a little over a year engagement & easy to remember! Now with 8 months to go, both our families are asking what is up with the planning, and since 1/2 our guest list is coming from the East Coast, we really need to be sending the STD (Save the Dates) soon so people have enough time to make their travel and vacation arrangements.
After looking at tons of STDs (still not use to saying that), and not going the DIY road, I decided the best way to go is with Save the Date Magnets , they are inexpensive, your guests put them on their fridge so they won't forget to make travel plans and they are cool looking! The ones I liked the best that looks like a photo booth with save the date cost only $1.27 each when quantity is 100. Here are ones that I've been eyeing for a while...

But alas we must wait to have an actual venue till we get to order them...

The Low Down: Right now they are having a 20% off on pocket invitations (use code WPKHB2)! and Magnet is also a great resources for finding out everything you needed to know about STDs. Here are the top 3 questions that I had and found the answers to on Magnet Street:

#1 Why have Save the Date Magnets and Save the Date Cards become so important?Save the Dates help your guests make travel plans and necessary arrangements to be at your wedding.

#2 When should I send my Save the Date Magnets or Save the Date Cards? Six to twelve months before your wedding is the norm for sending Save the Dates. However, some are sent as close as 3-4 months prior to the wedding. There is no question that life is busier and more complicated than ever before. Families are juggling multiple work schedules and activities for the kids. Is yours is a "destination wedding" or does it take place around a holiday? It's best to get the word out in a timely fashion to give your guests ample time to prepare and make arrangements.

# 3 What should I put on my Save the Date Magnets or Save the Date Cards?Most important are your names and the wedding date - strongly consider using last names for guests who may only know one of you, or only know your parents. Other details you might include are your wedding website, the location of your wedding (venue or just city and state), a special quotation or verse, or any important information that you would like to share with your guests.


  1. My husband and I were the same when we got engaged. We both just knew we wanted to go to Italy on our was the best trip ever. I love magnets too - I still have the ones I have gotten from my friends weddings on my fridge!

  2. Btw - love your blog!

    We had originally chosen March as our wedding month as well! :) was quickly changed - impending snowstorms etc. not a good month on the Eastern Coast of Canada! We are all set for November now! 3 months EEK....

    I LOVE the first black and white magnet! It is a nice keepsake! :)

  3. @Foxywedding - That's so awesome that you have kept the save the date magnets from friends, hopefully our friends will too :-)
    @ LLD- AHHH thanks for the sweet comment about blog!!! The first one is my fav too :-)


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