Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Hairstyles

I'm going to wear my hair 1/2 up because I don't trust it to stay nice completely down and don't trust it to look nice all up - due to a terrible up do my junior year in high school that left me with a horrendous looking bee hive on top of my hair. Plus the up do is so my "work style hair" i.e I never do my hair for work and a hair bun always looks great with a suit ;-)

I used these resources to try to get an idea for how I want my hair styled:

  1. This site has a lot of pictures of celebrity hair styles. Like everyone on theknot that wants their hair 1/2 up, I am inspired by Carrie Underwood's hair.
  2. Refine your search by the type of hair you have, the length and the look.
  3. They have wedding 101, you can search by the same above criteria and you can even take a quiz on how you should wear your hair. One of the questions was "You can't leave the house without…" but all the options had to do with beauty, I needed an option for iPhone!
  4. They have intersting wedding styles from "Mariah Carey", "Wild and Crazy" and "Spanish Up Do", I had serious doubts that they would be able to show me pictures of hairs that could be described in such titles but let me tell you that wild and crazy did look wild and crazy and the spanish up do is how 90% of girls wear their hair at the quincinera!

How are you wearing your hair?


  1. i chose half up, half down too. i feel it's not too dressy or too casual. :)

  2. I wore my hair up. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Amelia Lyon's blog. I think half up/half down is a gorgeous look! I've noticed that the low side bun is really popular with brides today, too.


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