Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Westside Wedding Venues and google canned responses

I researched about 82 different venues - feel free to look at my google doc *here* - it's compiled from information from herecomestheguide.com, and also from me contacting countless venues. It's crazy to think how many options there are out there, yet depending on the budget, time of year, area, etc etc there really are not that many options for "you". There are some on that list that I would have loved to check out, but just be doing a rough estimate of the cost, they got ixnay , others closed too early or didn't allow hard alcohol which for us were deal breakers. Some had the reception 100% outside and mi amor was worried about rain in April, I wasn't worried about it considering we live in L.A & yesterday on Nov 1 the temperture was 75 degrees but you never know. Some were only inside in banquet halls and this was also a deal breaker for us because we wanted to be able to give people the freedom to go outside for fresh air. I found myself writing the same question to venues, so I finally created a "canned response" in my google mail, it makes sending these emails a lot easier!

Here is the canned response I used:
My fiancee and I are getting married on (Month, date, year) and have a guest list of (# of people), we would appreciate if you can provide us with a price listing and information for having a wedding at (venue you are contacting)
Thank you,
(Your name)

Directions on how to make a canned response:

First go to your google settings, go to the tab "labs" from there look for "canned response" and click enable.

After you have enabled the canned response feature in your settings, go to create a new email and copy and make your own response, or use the one I shared above. Then click on "canned response, save new and title your response. Once you have saved it, when ever you create a new email, you can just click "canned response" and choose the canned response you want to use and bam there it is! I use this feature a lot, even in my own personal emails- I have one titled "address" that has my address & easy to follow directions, that I use any time I have friends coming over that have never been to my place before, I also use when for when I sell things on ebay - thanks for your payment blah blah. I hope you find this as useful as I did :-)


  1. You have my venue listed in your google doc...Rancho Las Lomas :) Still following your selection process

  2. @ Born to be Mrs. Beever - Rancho Las Lomas is beautiful!! I did not go see it for fear of falling in love with it & it wasnt within our budget. Your wedding is going to be so amazing! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Pics of the venue are coming soon...a little bit of a sneak peek this week. Yes, you would most definitely have fallen in love with it. And it actually was not within our budget either. But I made it work. I am posting more about budget stuff this week also..but tomorrow is all about the invitations :)

  4. my goodness, i'm just finding this blogpost and, it is SO HELPFUL! thank you!!!


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