Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free paper airplane save the date from Ruffled Blog

Isn't weird when talk about something or are looking for something and then all of a sudden it appears in your life some how? For example when mi amor & I were dating he said that on his to do list before he dies, he wanted to go to a Police concert, only problem was the Police had broken up 20 years ago. A few weeks after he told me this, the Police announce that they are doing a reunion tour! We saw them play at Dodger Stadium on June 23, 2007. crazy. Another small example is last friday I was looking for a postcard to send & was looking for a picture of a paper airplane with the dotted lines coming out of it & also an air mail looking envelope, I found one card on etsy but since I needed to mail it out on friday, this was not going to work, in the end I could not find a prinatble one, so I made something else instead..now fast forward to today & I look in my google reader and Ruffled Blog has a FREE template for an airmail envelope and a save the date with a paper air plane. crazy! Although I did not need the save the date, the template is freaking awesome.

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