Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding In a Week: LA

You know how much we love contests. I just heard about this one via Liz Coopersmith. Looks totally RAD (excuse my 80s speak)!!! has teamed up with Wedding Wire where one lucky Los Angeles based couple gets the Wedding of their dream... only catch is that they have to plan it in a week. Not likely a contest that the peeps on WestsideWedding would be up for but super cool for anyone who can! Submissions for the contest are now closed but why not head on over to vote for your favorite couple?!

Check out the submissions and vote here.

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  1. I never could understand those brides that would be interested in something like this. I mean if you can't afford the wedding of your dreams and don't mind it being a huge whirlwind experience, then more power to you. You know what I always wonder though? How in the heck do you get invites out to your guests and get them to show up with only a week's notice?


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