Monday, November 9, 2009

Ruffles galore

{Cymbeline Carissa} {Cymbeline:Cherie}

I dig ruffles on wedding dresses, I have yet to try on a wedding dress with ruffles like the ones shown in this post, most likely because they are muy expensive. Like my bf/bridesman tells me, my taste is more than my budget. Is it weird that I love dresses with ruffles, yet I also love satin trumpet dresses with clean lines and no ruching? Not for me it isn't, in fact it is very typical for me to like two things that seem to be completely different, I think it brings balance. If I could, I would wear a ruffle dress for the ceremony & a trumpet dress for the reception, but that's not a possibility, right now I would just be happy finding 1 dress :-) . Btw I almost found "the one" four times in the last 2 weeks, I have not posted about it yet because I still have to get caught up on the rest of the dress shopping that lead up to these. In retrospect, I think I just started wanting anything that resembled what I wanted to be "the one" because I am tired of looking for it, & also I have had to invest in more boy short undies due to going to all these bridal places. I feel closer to it though, I *know* I will find "her" this week, that or I will find someone to custom make her for me :-)

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  1. At least you're closer to the one and it's always useful to have a better idea of it! You'll find it!

  2. I understand that feeling of getting closer to *THE* gown. I felt that way as I neared the end of my 2 months of gown shopping :) It will happen. Those dresses are uber fashionable btw.

  3. Those are so romantic!
    Left you something on my blog!

  4. I love dresses with ruffles! I actually wanted to find the very last one on the right! I didn't have much luck! PS I left you something on my blog...


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