Monday, November 23, 2009

love this calender like a fat kid loves cake

Home skillets, I just bought my calender for 2010! Seriously, it's as if Little Brown Pen read my mind when writing the following:

  • Make resolution and break it (mostly only anything having to do with candy or soda)
  • Wear sandals and pretend it's warm - At the age of 8 I tried convincing my mom it was all good for me to wear my dress to go ice skating, she was not down & I ended up not going.
  • Jump puddles & curse frizzy hair - I jump the puddles but as far the frizzy hair I put it in a pony tail & cap & call it a day.
  • Wear boots & pretend it's cold outside - last year I *had* to wear my tall red Hunter rain boots, so I wore them when mi amor & I went to see the Christmas light show at the L.A Zoo. Peeps, I live in L.A who was I kidding, it did not rain, but they did come in handy in the mud.
  • Eat candy & regret it. Story of my life
  • Scarf stuffing & loosen pants - this is why you wear dresses for the holidays!


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