Friday, November 6, 2009

Dress Shopping Part 4

As you may have guessed by week 4 of dress shopping I was pretty sick of dress shopping & losing hope. I happened to be looking at the Jim Hjlem website & noticed that Marylinn's Bridal in Pasadena was having a Jim Hjelm trunk sale, I quickly call them & ask if they have an appt, & as luck would have it, they had a cancellation & if I could make it there in an hour, I could take that appt. So I head on down to Pasadena but alas they don't have that particular dress. I did get to try on this Jim Hjelm dress jh8759 (shown above)and let me tell you I was not impressed. The first picture makes the dress look more glamorous then it really is, but the second & third pictures actually do a good job of showing how the dress fits, it doesn't have a nice shape and the material isn't very luxurious. Oh btw a hjelm is not even within my budget, but it was the only dress I could find that was the style I was looking for, so I thought if I could try it on I can at least know if it is the style I truly want.

I realized at this Bridal Store that I did not want something too plain. Per the sales persons suggestion I tried on the Mathew Christopher Lalique (shown below) I had never seen the dress before and when I tried it on, I loved the way it fit, (at least with the clips on the back) but the thing I loved most about it was the train of the dress, it was shaped like petals and I loved that you could see the slip. I thought the dress was too sexy for the wedding and I really did not like the way it had the upside down triangle by you know where - speaking of that I tried on a few dresses that brought attention to that space, mostly I saw it in lace patterns, what is up with that?! no need to put attention to that area, we all know what's there. Luckily the dress was not the one because it was WAY out of budget. I also loved the material and the color of the dress.

When I searched for it online I was surprised to see how it looked, one picture almost looks like a cartoon and in the one with the model it does not show how great this dress is on someone with an hour glass shaped figure, nor does it show how great the mermaid part of the dress looks when the bride is facing forward. The first picture does do a great job of showing how beautiful the train is. After this dress shopping, I added dramatic trumpet/mermaid to my list of things I wanted. So far the list is; satin, trumpet or mermaid (always on the list), beading in the top area and/or waist, strapless (prefer sweetheart), perhaps a beaded belt and buttons on the back.

Marylinn's had a lot of dresses to choose from ranging from the pouf beading, charmeuse and modern dresses, but one thing that rubbed me the wrong way is that I saw the Casablanca dress 1910 there and they were selling it for $1400, I had seen this same dress at Bridal Elegance in Torrance and Image Bridal in West L.A selling for around $900, so if you do find your dress here make sure you know what the going rate for it is before you buy.

Marylinn's Bridal

82 S Fair Oaks Ave

Pasadena, CA 91105


  1. I love the mermaid fit, actually that's the type of dress I am getting!!! Good luck, you'll find it, don't worry!!

  2. Girl, all the LA brides need to come to your blog! Sorry the Jim Hjelm didn't work out. Crossing my fingers for you. It will work out, seriously! Are you going to look for Alvina Valenta on eBay?

  3. Sounds like you are on a serious mission. :) You will reach your goal! I am leaving you a little somethin' somethin' on my blog tonight.

  4. lol. i've never noticed the upside triangle! even though you're sick of dress shopping, i have to say i've been loving your posts about it! good luck.

  5. Thank you ladies, I hope to find it soon!


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