Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress Shopping Part 3

In part 3 of dress shopping, I am still looking for a trumpet satin dress similar to the Jim Hjlem (see pic)


Wilshire Bridal & Tuxedo - They had a great selection of dresses for everyone that likes beading, lace & ruching. I explained to them that I did not want any beading but I would take a lil bling around the neckline or waist, I wanted trumpet but no ruching, or if need be I'd take the ruching around the top but nothing past the waist. I tried on 2 dresses here, and the ladies were super sweet. I like that they gave it to me straight and told me that perhaps it's best if I have my dress custom made because what I am looking for is not easily found, but after they had the seamstress talk to me about the cost, they also showed me a dress that was affordable and said I could also just alter the neckline and but a beaded sash & that would also do the trick.

Wilshire Bridal & Tuxedo

3818-22 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90010


Glamour Closet: They had just gotten their October inventory, so I was hoping I would find something this time around. I tried on some pouf thing & once again confirmed, pouf is not for me, I also tried the St. Germain Watters gown because of it's wonder woman belt, but I was not down with the A- line and it was too big for me & not in that great of condition.

324 South La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Mon Amie Bridal Salon: They have you fill out a form when you are asking for an appt through the web, one of the questions was my budget – I got a nice response from them that they would be happy to give me an appt but perhaps I would be more interested in their Outlet which is within the store. I hear a lot of girls get their dream dress here, so if you have the money & you want the beading & pouf then you should check them out. Cousin/MOH accompanied me to the Mon Amie outlet, the sales lady there was very nice and helped me find a few dresses that fit some of my criteria but all in all I thought the dresses in the outlet were way over priced and many of them were missing beading, threading or dirty. It’s one thing if they looked like that and cost a couple hundred, but the cheapest dress I tried on, and I used cheap loosely, was $1800.

355 Bristol St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

After Mon Amie, I did a google search for “bridal store” but nothing came up, so we head to The Cerritos Mall for some BM dress shopping (separate post about this one).

After the mall and more google searching we end up in Downey at Quinceanera Dream (translation sweet sixteen dream, insert pink pouf). By looking at the window of the dress shop you may think to yourself why didn’t they just run the other way? Nope not us, we face fear right in the eye and headed in. They don’t have any bridal dresses there, instead what they have our catalougs and you can order your dress or (bridesmaid dress) from them or show them a picture of a dress and they will make it, for around $300-500! But considering I still was not sure what this “dream wedding dress” of mine looked like, I could not take them up on the offer.

Quinceanera Dream (see pic)

8731 Firestone Blvd

Downey, CA 90241


  1. That Jim Hjelm is dreamy. Good luck girl!

  2. If you're interested in traveling a bit out of your way, here are a couple of bridal shops in my neck of the woods: (in Glendora) (in Upland)
    Good luck!

  3. I found the whole dress shopping thing pretty frustrating at first -- but fear not, you WILL find it!

  4. Mon Amie is just completely redic in their pricing! I recommend trying Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach if you haven't yet, I found their prices to be most reasonable of all places I went to!

  5. I too love that Jim Hjelm dress! His stuff is so romantic!

  6. That Jim Hjelm is awesome! You *will* find the one perfect for you. And since you're not getting it that Enzoani dress is my #1 pick for when I get married! Yayayayayaya! Your hardwork will not go to waste!!!

  7. Wow, I hadn't read your post, but can't believe how much the dress you tried on tonight looks like your post (except way prettier and perfect!)


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