Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dress Shopping Part 7:

I have to start of by saying that I am done dress shopping, I am having my dress made, more on that as soon as I finish posting all my dress shopping! So now onto part 7 of dress shopping!

After leaving Pebbles Bridal on Friday I left with the thought perhaps the Dakota Enzoani was the dress, it was the first one that finally had the fit I imagined but I was still not 100% down with it. I decided to make an impromptu trip to try on the dress again, this time at a bridal store I had never been to- Mariposa Boutique in Anaheim. I figured kill two birds with one stone, they had the dress so I could try it on & I could check out the other dresses. Mariposa had many beautiful dresses, I would say it had the best selection so far with pretty good prices, not as inexpensive as Pebbles, but not as expensive as Mon Amie. The owner was so helpful in finding me dresses to try on, when I told her that I am very picky and am having a hard time finding a dress that is trumpet, satin & sweetheart, and if it has ruching, I only want it on top, she replied "you're not picky, you just know what you want", that made me good & at ease. I tried the Dakota Enzoani, this time with a beautiful crystal sash that around my waist, I freaking loved the sash, it defined my waist and gave me the bling I was looking for but again..lace & the sweetheart was not as defined as I wanted it to be. I know I could have it altered but peeps it was already more than I had wanted to spend. I also tried on this beautiful Jasmine dress that had ruffles in the back, I *loved* the way it fit, the satin was beautiful, it had ruching on the top, the train was gorgeous, it was trumpet, it had some glittery bow by the train but it could easily be taken off, but I had one big issue with it, it was GREY! The dress had a natural waist line that was defined by a thin sash the same color & material as the dress. The owner later told me that it was discontinued :-( but that she would sell me the dress for 50% but color is a big thing & I just can't have it be grey. I don't know what the name of the dress is, but when I had found a picture online, it did not do the dress justice what so ever. These dresses confirmed with me that I wanted a dress with a natural waist line, trumpet & a bling sash. I also tried on this dress which is by Enzoani Blue, I liked it but was not down with the ruching top going up and then the bling pointing to the bottom but it was a pretty dress. I could tell I was closer because I finally was finding dresses that were more my style. Oh and the Jasmine dress had this inner bra corset thing that made me feel I had a tiny waist, highly recommend!!

Mariposa Boutique
316 N Anaheim Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805

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  1. I am so excited for you . . . getting your dress made is so much fun!! I am so glad I documented my experience . . . one recommendation. Find a spot and get a picture taken from the front and back in that spot every appointment (at the beginning and end) so you can really see the dress develop. Cant wait to see how it goes!!


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