Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Playlist Project

We got a lot more work to do on it - but thought I would share how far we've gotten so far:

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  1. Good list so far! I love that you're including that DMB song! I've been working on my list too, but I figure I'll change it a bunch of times in the next 7 months.

  2. I love the song Young Folks! Funny, cuz it is one of the songs that plays on our wedding web site and when I popped on over here today I thought I was on my own site for a minute! So tell me...have you secured your venue yet? Tried to quickly browse your blog to see but wasn't sure. :)

  3. @Morgan Thanks!
    @Born to be Mrs. Beever that is too funny about the song & your website! and your comment about the venue made me realize I forgot to post about it!


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