Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bowie Bride's awesome Bee[high]ve blog

I just read The Bowie Bride's announcement of her brilliant new "The Bee[high]ve" site, it is going to be off the hizzy! If you have not read her Miss Crack Pipe posts you must do so now!... seriously now, stop reading this click the link to open a new tab read it & come back to finish reading my posts. I freaking love it & so excited for her future posts!
Seeing her new banner with two bowie pictures reminded me of when mi amor took me ice skating at Pershing Square in Downtown, it was awesome for 2 reasons 1) Cool to see an ice rink surrounded by Christmas lights & tall downtown buildings 2-) A David Bowie Tribute Band was playing! They are called Space Oddity
I found a great video of The David Bowie Tribute Band Space Oddity playing on the night I was there, how cool is that?! Btw I am not in this video I just found them on youtube...but honestly they did remind me of my MOH/cousin/co blogger & me at concerts, one of us has dark hair the other light, we both dance are socks off, sing along with the band & yell like 15 year old girls - truth be told she's better at the yelling then me, she's the one that gets the stares & dirty looks he he :-)

Oh and if you go ice skating at Pershing Square on a Friday/Saturday night, don't expect the "scene" to look like the pictures they post up on the Pershing Square Ice Skating Photo Gallery, seriously who were they trying to fool with those pics the tourists?

Hours for the Pershing Square rink: Monday through Thursday 12pm - 10pm, Friday-Sunday 10am - 10pm. Special holiday hours from December 18 - January 10: 10am - 10pm every day.

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  1. first of all THANK YOU for this post and all your support!! seriously. i couldnt' be more ex cited for this little bee project.

    and oh. my. god. the bowie cover band at pershing square is--I--OMG--I have NO WORDS.

    far-OUT, man. rock ON.


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