Friday, October 9, 2009

Tweet your wedding

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I just heard about tweeting at your wedding from Monolo for Brides, I just know that when MOH/cousin/co-blogger gets married there will be tweeting for shizzay! She is an avid tweeter & has 1,800 people aka tweeples falling her tweets, thanks to twitter she helped me connect with Jeff Williams who did my monograms. Check out her MOH tweets @ & her personal tweets @
Juliette Powell at the Huffingtonpost posted the following - You know you're at a "twedding" when:

1. Your wedding invitations were sent via the micro-blogging site
2. All aspects of your big day have been vetted by your twitter followers who suggest everything from wedding guests to wedding vendors.
3. Members of the wedding party take "candid" photographs and videos of the ceremony and upload them directly to twitpic and twitvid for community commenting.
4. Your wedding becomes a trending topic on Twitter.
5. The groom tweets "I'm married" before kissing the bride.


  1. i posted some tweets through out my wedding, but concentrated more on uploading photos to facebook since more of my family and friends are on there :) love the idea, though, since it's all about being connected!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out twitter....
    love the blog. congrats on the win via feather.

  3. that's hysterical! i didn't tweet during my wedding but i totally considered it. my planner had my phone with her the entire time and wouldn't let me touch it!


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