Monday, October 19, 2009

2010 Designer Gowns

Still looking for THE dress...I think I have looked at thousands of dresses, no joke. To make matters worse or better the 2010 dresses premiered and I looked at ALL 73 pages on, so many pretty ones, you can check them out *here*


  1. i'm loving the dresses too, makes me want to get married all over again :)

  2. I got my dress after looked through TONS of dresses online too, and the one I bought ended up looking nothing like ones I thought I wanted. You really just have to actually try them on until you find the right one, and be really open minded. I was dead set against a strapless dress at first, and then ended up buying one and love it! It sounds cliche, but you'll just know when you try it on that you've found your dress.

  3. Enjoy the 2010 dresses. Don't worry - you'll find it! Try on lots of dresses - you have time and great taste so far!

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  4. You'll find it! Keep looking and one will speak to you eventually...

  5. Hope you'll find the perfect one darling... the 2nd fm last is dreamy!


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