Monday, October 12, 2009

Ah! I got some awards!

{My big brother, as always pointing me in the wrong direction}

Snap, I have been behind on my google reader, and had no idea until today that I received the Sugary Award from Very Married and the Kreativ award from The Bride Side of Life and The Bowie Bride, AH! thanks ladies!

I'm supposed to say 7-10 things about me, and since my fav number is 7, here are the 7!

  1. I was born in Nicaragua, and have lived in the US since I was 3. There must be something in my school file about my first language being Spanish because every time I changed schools they tried to put me in ESL classes (English as a second language) and each time my mom would have me removed immediately. I became an American citizen when I was a senior in high school at the same time my parents did, when I went to sign the certificate the guy at the counter asked me “are those really your parents?” Apparently he was confused because my parents have brown eyes & hair and I have green eyes and light brown hair, and someone had not told this ignorant fellow that latinos can have light eyes and that parents don’t spit out clones.

  2. I tend to sit on my legs, you know like you did as a kid when the teacher would gather everyone up for reading time, yup I still do it, it's comfortable but for some reason it weirds people out, like the other day I was out and these guys sitting at a table next to me pointed at me and one of them said "I don't know how she does it, my legs just hurt watching her", also my director sometimes passes by my desk, looks at me and asks "you still sitting like that?" mind you I wear a suit to work, so I guess it looks weird.

  3. I have a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, I got into it a few years ago when my big brother got me into UFC & he decided to take up jiu jitsu, since I had always wanted to learn a martial art, I decided to go with him and loved it.

  4. I have lived with all my favorite people in my life, my parents, my big brother & little brother (growing up), my girl best friend/bridesmaid (college), my boy best friend/brides man (after college), my cousin/MOH and again with my older brother (after college). Now that I am approaching another milestone in my life and will have a husband that will be my only roommate, I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to live with all my favorite people and appreciate all the wonderful times we had together as roommates.

  5. I freaking *love* to dance, in our hay day, my cousin and I would go to clubs and dance all night, mostly to house, dance, electronic and techno. We went to dance, not to have guys pick up on us, and sometimes there were altercations because guys did not understand this - what you ladies just want to dance? ya cupcake and not with you.

  6. 3 years ago I had laser hair removal, and love it, if I knew then what I know now, I would have done it years ago.

  7. I almost drowned in the Santa Monica beach when I was 5, luckily my dad rescued me. Because of this I use to be afraid of the water & did not learn how to swim till last year. By afraid I mean I did not trust my own body to be able to swim but I had no problem trekking around Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Hawaii with my yellow inflatable vest so I could participate in snorkeling. Yellow?! yes, trust me, I asked the store if they had something more discreet like black but the lady looked at me weird and said no, it is meant to be bright to save you…whatever.

Since one of the awards said say 7 facts & tag 7 people and the other said 10, now I will switch it up and award 10 lovely bloggers the Kreativ Blogger award, these ladies rock & I look forward to all their posts :-)
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  1. Thank you so much for the award! I liked reading more about you. =)

  2. aaaaaaaaaah! first award/tag ever. how cool.
    love this.

  3. awww...thank you so much! But just curious...did you tag me for Sugary or Creativ?

  4. @Concepcion thank yo! & congrats you you for your award!
    @Mo Ah thanks Mo!
    @Meghan YAYAYAYAY!
    @ Gonna Be His Mrs. My pleasure, you deserve it! ooh good point about which award, I will update my post now :-)

  5. awww. thanks! i nearly died of laughter regarding the immigration guy asking if your parents were really your parents! ha!

  6. @ The Professional Bridesmaid ha ha, ya I wish someone had recorded the moment. I think he thought that they had kidnapped me & now was my time to escape.

  7. Aw thanks Westside! I love checking in with your great new ideas, so I really appreciate the bloglove! (And psst - I'd totally be wondering how you manage the leg-sitting too)

  8. I love to dance too! Yes guys just don't get it sometimes.

    Btw, I left you an award of your choosing on my blog.

  9. Aww... thank you so much for the award! I wanted to try laser removal too, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it. I didn't know anyone who had it. Now that you mentioned it, I'll look into it more :)

  10. Psst - I left you a thank you back here:

  11. congrats on the award! totally true about laser. i'm a huge fan too! :)

  12. Oh thanks so much girl!!! I love your blog too!! You friggin rock!!! I am trying to see what's wrong with the comments section so you can leave comments. <3


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