Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decisions decisions...Bridesmaid dresses

Excerpts from bridesmaid dress shopping last Saturday....

First Stop:
First thing the sales person ask me is "what are your colors", then my eyes bulge out and I said "I don't know yet, but they may be yellow, or turqoise or grey"...After looking at dresses, I tell the sales lady "I've decided & want the dresses to be turquoise"! then she replies that the designer of the dress doesn't make it in turquoise. Ah!

Last Stop:

MOH tried on the bridesmaid dress, at David's Bridal and it did not look the way it does online, the material looked very cheap compared to the dresses she tried on at the other places, so we are back to the drawing board!

Lesson learned: If you are set on a particular color and shade, just know that certain designers may not have dresses in those colors and be ready to change the dress or color.

Love, love, love the backs of these dresses; barijay dress , jordan dress & watters

this barijay dress reminds me of Dirty Dancing...
Did you have a hard time picking bridesmaids dresses or was it easy for you to find them in your wedding colors?


  1. between buying off the rack and having shades yellow and purple as my colors, it was easy for the maids to find their dresses. one even went to david's bridal for a nice soft yellow :)

  2. Love, love the back of the first one! So fun.

  3. Ugh, bridesmaid dresses. So hard. I fell down on that one, I hope your search is better than mine was. I like the back of the lavender one, though.

  4. Love the back of the first dress! Believe it or not, I still haven't asked my bridesmaids. But I'm leaving their dress up to them, as long as the color is navy blue or something close and short.


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