Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I learned about bridesmaid dresses

{ Source: Personal collection}

The picture above is of my mom & my aunt (MOH's mom/Concepcion/co blogger} on my aunt's wedding day. I love this picture of them, I wish they had more from the wedding, but this is the only one I could find. I also wish my mom had that dress and especially those heels so I could borrow them. I don't know if you guys can tell, but the heels she is wearing are nude colored and the ankle strap looks like a gold ankle bracelet. But I digress...
What I learned from bridesmaid dress shopping:
  1. You may want your wedding colors to be say - yellow & grey but the bm dress you like does not come in yellow or if it does it's an ugly yellow. Where the heck are all these brides finding pretty yellow for the ever popular yellow grey wedding?? and don't say J Crew, although their dresses are cute they are not always flattering & are too casual for our wedding.
  2. BM dress sizes are similar to bridal dress sizes, they are not the same as your street size.
  3. Some dresses can take 3 months to order.
  4. The dresses you see online may not be available at any of the stores near you, even if the store is listed in the designer's website.
  5. You should choose/buy your dress first because you may change your mind about the style.
  6. It is very hard to find a dress that is flattering for everyone, affordable, available, not taffeta (per MOH) and in the color you want.
  7. You will have sales people tell you that you should choose a color & style that is flattering to everyone (um this is not easy when you have a wedding party like mine that is like a United Colors of Benetton ad) AND you will also have sales people tell you that it's your wedding so you can do what ever you want - personally I want the wedding party to look hot & feel as amazing as we do, so I am really trying to find something flattering.


  1. i know!! it can be so frustrating! BM dresses are one of the hardest things. i couldn't find anything i liked/ couldn't decide on a colour so I told them all to wear a black cocktail length dress. let's hope it works!

  2. Great post - makes me scared for bridesmaid dress shopping, but good to know all of this ahead of time. The United Colors of Benetton comment is hilarious :)

  3. I have come across no. 4 too many times! Found dresses I like online but can't see them in real life cause no one has them. So annoying! Thanks for the list. It's definitely very helpful
    Just cam across your blog and looking forward to following along!

  4. I read about other brides allowing their girls to buy anything in the designated color, in your case, yellow. Or do you want them all to match exactly?

  5. my bridesmaid who wore a pale yellow found her dress at david's bridal. the style was a bit vintage, but really cute. good luck with the search!! and i agree, your mom's shoes are super fab.

  6. I am so digging your mom's shoes!! BM dress shopping can be taxing. The best thing would be allow them to pick the style just tell them the colour. But if you want them to wear the same dress, stick with tea-length, sweetheart neckline, stapless, and A-line.

  7. I've been in three weddings and always feel so fat after ordering a bridesmaid dress! The sizes are ridiculous! :)


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