Friday, January 22, 2010

Bridesman + Fiance = A bride to be's best friend

 With less than 80 days to go, it's been very stressful at the lovie dovie ranch. The time has come to stop researching and start getting things done. Problem is I spend too much time researching and not enough doing and on top of that I am *very* bad about asking for help, I tend to do things on my own, it's partly because I feel bad about asking people & partly because of that age old saying "If you want something done right do it yourself"...well in the case of the DIY that I did on Tuesday this saying did not hold true whatsoever!  If it wasn't for my bridesman I would have been lost on how exactly to cut my DIY matchbooks.  Bridesman and Groom both know that I do not ask for help, so unbenost to each of them, they both offered to help me out as soon as they saw me with printed cardstock, glue sticks, exacto knives, paper cutter & matchbooks.

Tuesday I decide that I am finally going to make the monogram matchbooks for the cigar bar, I did not think it was too complicated since I had 4 delicious bookmarks for wedding matchbooks, one from Project Wedding *here* and three from Style Me Pretty *here* , *here* (with template), and this one that has the template that proved very useful to me.  I managed to figure out how to place the monograms that Jeff Williams created for us onto the template but once I printed them on white card stock from Michaels, it was hard to figure out how to cut them exactly and that is where Bridesman saved the day! He saw me struggling and stepped in immediately! Once he figured out where they needed to be cut we had an assembly line, Fiance was responsible for peeling away the cover of each matchbook, & bridesman and I cut the paper, used glue stick to attach the paper to the matchbook cover and then assembled the matchbooks back. I was truly touched by how bridesman & fiance stepped in and helped me without waiting for me to say a single word. Without them I would be lost and alone with only my DIY materials to keep me company.  Oh and my little brother who came home after the matchbooks were already complete, wanted to help too but since we had already finished he helped me out by cleaning everything up & doing the dishes.  *Tear* Are these men not amazing?! Who would have thought that the three people to help a bride out were then men in her life?!  Did you have help with your DIY?

{Bridesman/BFF cutting the template}                    


  1. Those turned out great! My fiance does help with some of the DIY - it's so nice to have an interested groom :)

  2. That was so nice of them to help! :) They turned out so nice! :)

    No help on DIY stuff for our wedding yet, not quite there yet. But I will be asking! :)

  3. I'm the same way! I always think I can handle it when I really can't.

    Aaww, your guys are so sweet!

  4. Oh wow! They look great. And you have some awesome men around you :) Mr Fix It told me that I should 'ask my sister to help me assemble our wedding invitations' this past weekend. But like you, I am usually the one to believe I need to do it myself to get it done right :)

    I just realized, you are less than 80 days out! I am 82 days out! OMG! Are we freaking out yet? 82 days sounds so much sooner than just under 3 months - it's crazy! I did have mom and sis help me with the DIY flip flop basket I put together this on that later this week :)

  5. love the matches! such a great and useful favor.
    i had some help with my diys, and it helped a lot w/ my sanity ;)


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