Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks to MOH and Wedding Chicks, I redeamed myself!

Before I got engaged I had never evened opened up a wedding magazine, didn't even imagine what I would want in a wedding & I had never been part of a wedding so I had no idea of all the things that went into wedding planning, including but not limited to how to ask your bridesmaids. I figured you just asked them, plain & simple. But nope! I learned 3 months in that now a days brides ask in some special way, with a homemade card, or what not. When I learned about this, I felt bad I had not done anything special. Luckily for me, my MOH has my back! Unbeknownst to her when she blogged about the tshirts on the weddingchicks.com she gave me an idea of how I could redeem myself! I ordered each one a special t shirt with their name on it & with their favorite color.  The Wedding Chicks shop has a cool feature for the t shirts that allows you to preview how the colors would look together, I spent way too much time figuring out the perfect combo for each lady but had a lot of fun doing it. Their shop as so many cool items, especially the canvas bags! love love love them! Amy from Wedding Chicks was such a sweetheart, she helped me out with my order and answered any questions I had right away. So here are all the shirts & bags. Unfortunately they did not have any men's shirts so I will have to find my bridesman/BFF a shirt somewhere else. I can't wait till we get an opportunity to wear the shirts out! They are very stylish, have a flattering fit and the cotton is so soft.



  2. So fabulous. I did go the 'special' route and posted about how I 'proposed' to my BM's. It was funner for me than them I think. I also got my sister and her wedding party all shirts for her big day...but they were nothing like the gorgeous creations you came up with! Nice job!


Thank you for your comment,they make my day :-)