Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bridal Shower ideas

I'm writing this post full well knowing I run the chance of receiving a stern talking to from MOH/Cousin, Bridesman/BFF and Bridesmaid/FSIL for even talking about bridal shower items - since I am not suppose to be even thinking about it. But I *had* to because I happened across a few great items throughout these 8 months that I had to share with you. First off here is a link to 15 tips for planning a Bridal Shower. If you need help with a suite for the bridal shower invitations and games, check out this cute carnival themed one from Style Guide it has an InvitationGame Card (shown in pic above)Name TagDrink Label and Striped Paper. I blogged about a few other available through Style Guide back in October, so check those out *here*  
Two ideas I absolutely think are great for a bridal shower are recipe cards and shower notes. 

For the recipe cards the guests can share their favorite recipe with the bride and this way after the shower the bride to be has a lot of great recipes. I love love love sharing recipes! My favorite recipe card was this one shown below, it's also by Style Guide.

{Source 100 Layer Cake }
I think the shower note is such a cute idea from 100 Layer Cake, it's been on my bookmarks since July! The Bridal Shower Notes from Mika78 come in 4 color variations. I love the detail of the "with love" but it's in a heart symbol. I think I would want to tweak the questions a bit since, some people may be at the shower that the bride may not know that well (especially if it's on the grooms side)  
Here is what it currently says....

DEAR ____,
It’s been _____years that we’ve known each other and if I remember correctly, the first time we met was_____
We’ve shared so many times together, but my favorite memory of you has got to be_______
I think you and your husband-to-be are perfect for each other because_________
If I could give you one piece of advice on marriage, it would have to be____________
with love,

Here are some more recipe cards from two very talented and creative bloggers Leo On The Loose and                                    Creature Comforts}

                                                     {Source Creature Comforts}


  1. Wow, these are great! I'm not supposed to be planning my own parties either, but sometimes it's hard to resist!

  2. I have some of these saved as well! I haven't seen the note though! Thanks.

    Oh-- and thank you for your sweet comment on our engagement pics! I really appreciated it!

  3. Such great ideas. My shower is next month and my sister (MOH) has been fervently working away on it and keeping evertyhing a secret from me. I am not giving any input but just had to share that little fill in note with her. What a great find! :)


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