Friday, January 29, 2010

Wedding iPhone APP

 In addition to my bridesman/Bff & groomsmen who have tried to keep me sane & help out as much as they can, I also have another life saver - my assistant aka & right hand man, my iphone!!!  It's been a while since I told you about some of my iphone apps that have helped me with wedding planning,  and with only 71 days till the wedding, these 2 apps help me know exactly how many days till each wedding related event.
First up is the free Days Till app, I like this app because it allows me to add a picture (see pic below), choose the font/color for the words that appear on the pic & even lets me move around the words - in this case I moved them so you can see the Hollywood sign, pay no attention to the sign that says caution & no trespassing ;-) the second picture shows a list of all the events I added, as you can see it's crunch time!
The second app I have to keep me on track with the dates is the .99 Countdown  app, I had this app first & like it as well, it also lets you upload a pic, I keep this app too because it tells me how many months, weeks & days until an event. 

As you see I have 2 months, 1 week and 4 days till the wedding. I'm ready to get married but not ready for the wedding ...still lots to do! I don't know how 10 months past by so fast, I think I spent too much time researching and not enough time doing things. I hear so many brides say that they didn't want to keep everything till the last minute but then somehow did..I am know understanding how this occurs. Work has been extremely busy & the wedding to do list has taken over all my free time. Once again I have over 1K unread posts in my google reader, I think I am going to unsubscribe from all wedding blogs that do not belong to a "real bride blogger" because I rather spend the little time I have reading all your wonderful blogs & hearing about your experience. 

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I am going to try harder to post at least 3 times a week, I wanted to make sure and post something, so even though it's 11:16 pm on a friday night & I am soooo tired from the week, I had to log on & write to you :-)
miss you much!


  1. You always have the best iPhone apps! It reminds me, I should post about all the tools we used.

  2. Thanks for posting about the Days Until app. I just downloaded it and realized that there are 152 days until my wedding, 76 days until my parents' 30th anniversary, and only 30 days left until my birthday. :)

  3. That's pretty cool. I had no idea such apps existed.

  4. I don't have an iphone...but I almost want to get one just so I can use those apps! No fair!


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