Saturday, September 26, 2009

Runaway Bride (Literally)

Here's a fun way to get married (if you are as out there as I am). For those of you who don't know, I am an endurance athlete/distance runner and plan to celebrate my 29th birthday in Las Vegas by running one of the world famous Rock & Roll Marathon courses (the Half Marathon). Since it is Las Vegas after all, what course wouldn't be complete with an option for a RUN THROUGH MARRIAGE. That's right, you can get married while you are running the half marathon or marathon course. You can even invite your guests to run with you!

How cool would that be?! (Cue: sound of crickets.)

Is this why I'm single? Seriously. Hehe, I'm almost relieved that I have yet to find my kooky, colourful and just as addicted to running counterpart because I'm 100% certain my mother would pass out on the course as one of the guests. Also, Westside Wedding has bad knees and we can't have her injured pre wedding day!

In case you are curious here's the link to the site to register. If you end up doing this... let us know! I'll be green with envy! We'll be sure to video what we can while we're out there, kicking major race butt of course! And by we, I mean Westside Wedding, this girl (meaning me) has to a race to run!

image: Runaway bride by calanan

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