Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm so excited about my wedding photographer!

After MONTHS of searching, subscribing to photographers blogs, looking up reviews on project wedding and asking around, we have finally found the perfect wedding photographers! Furious Photographers! They are the only photographers that I found that had different elements to their style, most other wedding photographers right now stick to one style, either they are doing the pictures with intense colors or they are doing them in a vintage style, but I did not find any other that had as many dimensions to their style as Furious Photographers. Photography is really important to me and mi amor because they are what we will have to look back on our wedding day and you want to have someone taking your pictures whose artistic ability you admire, another important past of finding the right photographer is being able to click with them. It was easy to talk to Doug from Furious Photographers from the very beginning of when I emailed him and when mi amor & I went to have our first meeting with him to discuss hiring him, we ended up talking with him for over 2 hours about so many different subjects, he really made us feel at ease. I'm so excited to have him shoot our wedding in April!


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