Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dress Shopping at the superstore

Saturday Dress shopping Day 1:
text between mi amor & me:
him: How is it going?
me: good, we are on our way to store #4
him: 4? how many are you going to?!
ME: 4, this is our last one but it the BIGGEST!
him: good luck! muah!

Unlike the other stores, David's Bridal has dresses in all sizes, and the store is HUGE. Your consultant goes through the store and picks dresses for you, but all the ones that she picked out for me did not match any of my criteria, but since I was open to anything I still tried them on.
They give you a strapless bra, slip and some heels and help you in & out of the dress. I definately felt that David's Bridal tries to sell you on a dress, but outfitting you with a tiara & veil. I don't like that they don't let your friends go look for dresses for you and that the consultant is the only one that can pick them out. (MOH & Bridesman got in trouble for this) If I *had* to pick a dress from here it would be Style: WG9828, (see pic above) it hugged my body nicely and I loved the beaded lace peek-a-boo neckline.

Things I learned: Apparently there is something called a blusher that you wear with a veil, it covers your face, I thought that you just move the veil to conceal your face, you know like how dracula does with his cape...but nope you need a veil.


  1. Very nice dress. I like the ruching, flatters the body.

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    Good luck w/ planning and congrats on your upcoming wedding


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