Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting Married? There's an app for that.

To add to WestsideWeddings growing list of iPhone apps... Here's a list of some pretty interesting iPhone wedding applications I've come across recently:

iWedding - wedding event planner (comes with counter, budgets, lots of lists).

iBridalGown - need to find a wedding dress? There's an app for that! (Sorry that line is pretty catchy.)

Wedding List - Wedding guest list app by the folks from iWedding.

Wedding Day - Countdown app till the big event (I know I have one on my iGoogle!)

Personally, I'd like to take over the whiteboard at Westside Wedding's place and start making some flowcharts!


  1. ahhh so awesome! too bad i don't have an iphone. now i'm gonna search for blackberry appps :) happy weekend!

  2. thanks for tips on iPhone apps! Those look great!


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