Monday, September 28, 2009

I finally went dress shopping

I've been engaged almost 6 months from the date I went dress shopping, (March 29/Sept 27), I did not even start looking at dresses online till about 2 weeks ago, crazy huh? You would think I would have gone months ago, but nope not me. Truth be told I was scared to go dress shopping, I have a long history with having these high expectations for how I want a special occasion outfit to look & most of the time it exist only in my mind. After looking online I tended to favor trumpet/mermaid dresses, satin, dresses with with small details like buttons on the back or a nice train, but I did not think dresses with ruching or embroidery on the front of the dresses suited me, I also noticed there were not too many dresses that fit these criteria and if they do, they did not fit my budget...hmm I think I may need to re think these criteria.
After trying on dresses at 3 places, I realize that I do love the mermaid/trumpet style but was told that I can get an A line and have them alter it, lace makes me look 15 pounds heavier, ruching in the bust area is a girls bf, still not digging ruching in other areas for me but saw girls trying them on and they look beautiful, ballgown didn't look as bad as I thought it would be but still not my style and I totally dig the cathedral veil. My bridesman had some great advice, saying that you should try on different dress styles even if you think they are not you because at least you will know for sure they are not you and you don't have to question it later. My MOH/cousin/co-blogger on WW was such a trooper on Saturday, she tried on countless BM dresses and always had a great attitude! Stay tuned for her post! I will write more later on the places I went !
Tools for dress shopping:
  • boy short undies
  • strapless bra
  • digital camera
  • notepad & pen
  • gps
  • 2 supporting no holds bar MOH/Bridesman/BM
  • 1 spray bottle filled with water for your MOH/Bridesman to spray you with if you get out of hand. (this technique worked for my kitty hobbes, still not sure if it works with people.


  1. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY: please do not forget lollipops/water/powerbars in case the MOH's blood sugar drops and she breaks down and cries. *SLAP SLAP SLAP* I'll be good I swear!

  2. Sounds like you had a ton of fun lady! Your BM is right - try it on just to see! My friend wanted a ballgown and ended up wearing one but tried on a mermaid and looked gorgeous! She now kinda wishes she wore a mermaid.

    Trumpet/mermaid are awesome. Sample sales are doubly awesome (my Pronovias). I also recommend eBay - you saw my Monique right? 90% off!

  3. Love that dress. Can't wait to see some pics!

  4. @chicncheap - your Monique dress is stunning! I can't believe you got it 90% off!
    @The Professional Bridesmaid I love the back of it too, I actually did not get to try that one on, because the store I went to didn't carry it & I think it's way over my budget.

  5. Nice post. Love to know about the wedding dress shopping tools... I found the many money saving offers on dresses at Nordstrom...


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