Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Make your own online RSVP for your wedding website

After looking at all the free wedding website, I thought that had the best tools but I liked the themes that had, so I went with theme! After looking at the budget, mi amor decides that we can save some money by having people rsvp online, since does not have an rsvp option, I decided to make my own rsvp link, by making a google form. It was easy to make, the thing that took the longest was to find the right wording, to prevent people from bringing more guests than were invited, but at the same time to make sure we know exactly who is coming. Although the form seems to have an option to embed on a website, it did not work for me and when I checked the help section in google a lot of people have problems embedding the form, so instead I just put a section in our wedding website titled RSVP and instructed people to click *here* to rsvp.
Also make sure to list on your website when you want them to respond by.
Here are some pics of the form, sorry they don't look that good, I have no idea how to get screen prints onto blogger.
Creating the form: You can add text, paragraph text, multiple choice & choose from list. I used text for everything except for the actual rsvp question, I put the check box option, we are having buffet, but for those of you that are having a sit down dinner you may want to use the check box option for the entree.

This is how the form looks but to get a better picture click *here*Once people use the form, google sends you an email notification and the RSVPs are in a spreadsheet!
They have different themes to choose from go *here* to learn more about google forms.


  1. Google docs is genius! I also really like the PW wedding themes, and if we hadn't gone the blogger route, that's what I would have done.

    Re: the screenshot: When your computer captures a screenshot, it is most likely saving it as TIFF, which blogger doesn't accept (boooo). Open your shots and save them as either PNG or GIF files. If you save them as JPGs, they might have some noise on the image which doesn't make them as clean and sparkly. Hope this helps!

  2. We did the SAME thing! We're online RSVP twins! It rocked btw in the sense that it was one less thing for us to organize - guests just sorted their attendance themselves!

  3. I lovvve Google forms! I used it to get all my addresses for the wedding. I would include a phone number as well for people who don't have the internet or aren't very tech savy!

  4. looking back, i wish we did rsvps online. it seems so much simpler and efficient.

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