Thursday, September 24, 2009

The groom wore white

One day, 5 months ago, my BFF/Bridesman tells mi amor that he should wear white
on the wedding day to which mi amor responds "that is a great idea!" I was not sure if he was joking or not because those two joke around all the time, and since I am going dress shopping this weekend (gasp!) I needed to know if he was serious because it would kind of set the tone for the wedding and would be a factor in the color of my dress & the BM dresses, so I asked him if he was positive if he was wearing white and he enthusiastically said YES! BFF/Bridesman and mi amor are suppose to look at tuxes soon, he is very excited about it and told me that since he can't see me in my dress, I cant see his tux. I think he was joking but now I am not too sure.
Although I still don't know my wedding colors at least I know what color the bride & groom will be wearing!
I wonder if he will go with the all white tux, or with something similar to what Sean Connery is wearing in this picture...

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  1. Hot! I love a man in a white cocktail jacket. It helps if they can speak like Sean Connery!


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