Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking for venues...

Engaged, now where to get married? No clue. Never thought about being in a wedding or what I would want in said wedding. Luckily my future sister in law (FSIL) asked us over happy hour one day, what we wanted from our wedding and she prefaces it by saying "don't say have fun" doh! So she gave us homework - make a list of the things that you want from a venue (see list to the left) Making this list really helped when reasearching venues & kept things in perspective.
I don't know about you guys but looking for a venue has not been fun for me, but these sites have made it bearable...

  1. My fave: Here Comes the Guide
  2. Second fave: Project Wedding
  3. Third Fav: Wedding Compass
  4. Los Angeles Conservancy
  5. Just found: Wedding Mapper
  6. The Knot
  7. Wedding Channel
  9. Los Angeles Banquet Halls
  10. The City of Los Angeles Banquet Halls


  1. THANK YOU for this post! I have been having the WORST time finding a reception venue, and it's nice to know that someone understands! "Fun" is the last word I would use to describe this part of the planning process. I may lose my mind. But your list has been so helpful! I'm getting married in Ohio, not So Cal, but I was still able to make use of a couple of the sites, and I may have found a vendor or two as a result. If nothing else, it at least helps me get out of the dead stop I've been in! =) Thanks so much!


  2. Hi The Frugal Fabulous Bride! I'm so glad that you found the list helpful!


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